RolloMTB Official

RolloMTB Official

Mountain Biking Trail, marked in the terrain with paint.
Riding time 1.5-2.5 hours.
The trail is technical and features significant differences in altitude.

You can embark on the trail from the Ounasvaara Ski Centre, Santasport, or the Ounasvaara side of the Jätkänkynttilä Bridge. It is challenging for beginners, but it offers a thrilling experience for those who conquer it. Enthusiasts love the trail, and it presents the best sides of Ounasvaara, or “Oukku.”
Along the trail, you can find a vantage point, bicycle service point, bicycle parking area, café, restaurant and hotel.
From the Ounasvaara Ski Stadium, the trail follows the cross-country ski trail up to the golf course. The trail goes around the start of the golf course along a road, but returns to the course area via a service road. After the golf course, the trail climbs up Ounasvaara along the gravel-based cross-country ski trail.

Toward the end, the trail becomes more technical. After the peak and a downward slope, the trail strikes a path. On top of Ounasvaara, the trail passes through beautiful, dry, coniferous forests. You should follow the route markers closely. It circles via Tottorakka down toward Santasport. After Santasport, the trail criss-crosses the cross-country ski trail. The paths are dry, but there are some roots and rocks.
On the south side of the cross-country ski trail, the route traverses the so-called Pesula slope. There you can experience both speed and difficulty. After the Pesula slope, the final stretch starts to climb up the hill, mostly along cross-country ski trails. A high-speed downhill section leads back to the ski stadium.


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  • Length: 22.28 km
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate trail Intermediate trail
  • Viewed: 11277
  • Latitude: 66.498457
  • Longitude: 25.768401


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