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Olkkajärvi accessible nature trail

Olkkajärvi accessible nature trail

The Olkkajärvi Accessible Nature Trail is 16.5 km north-east of Rovaniemi, in the Olkkajärvi Hiking Area. It is ideal for short day trips, or even little walks to stretch the legs when traveling past the area by car. The Olkkajärvi marina is next to the starting point of the nature trail. Olkkajärvi, or Olkka Lake, is popular among boaters. In the winter, it is an easily accessible place for ice fishing.

The trail introduces the diverse uses of the forests, starting from the marina parking area. It is particularly good for families with children and the disabled. The linear trail is accessible all the way to Arboretum Apukka, where you can continue your hike along gravel paths during the park’s opening hours (1 June – 30 September: Mon-Thu 8-15 and Fri 8-13). There are resting places with benches along the trail right by the lake, where you can admire the beautiful scenery of Olkkajärvi. A duckboard trail branches off the trail to an old sawmill.

The trail starts in a picturesque shoreline birch stand, turns into the forests around the Myllyoja stream, and crosses it along a wooden bridge. Along the trail, you will find many interesting information boards about the various uses of the forest. Themes include utilizing various tree and plant species in medicine and potions. They give detailed accounts of how everyone can make use of the different parts of various trees or plants, and what health-effects they have.

After the bridge, an information board talks about the history of the old mill and sawmills of Myllyoja and the war-time events at Apukka. A duckboard path branches off the accessible trail into the birch stand by Myllyoja, ending at a gravel road that leads over a bridge to an old sawmill rebuilt after World War 2. Info boards talk about the history and operations of the Apukka Research Station of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), and the history and technology of the old sawmill. The machinery of the repaired sawmill building is still in working order.

The trail has no winter maintenance. The linear trail is 850 m, of which 570 is duckboarded and classified as accessible. An ordinary duckboard trail leads to the old sawmill, and this 280 m stretch is not suitable for the disabled.

The log-built lean-to of the Olkkajärvi marina is near the start of the trail on the shore of Olkkajärvi. It has a campfire site, woodshed and outhouse. Nearby is a boat ramp, beach and changing cubicles for swimmers.

Directions: drive 17.4 km out of Rovaniemi along Sodankyläntie; turn right into the Olkkajärvi marina parking area. The lean-to is accessible by car year round.


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keke 9/20/2019 9:42 PM
Reitti purettu, ei tietoa onko uusi tulossa tilalle.


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  • Time: 1 h
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  • Latitude: 66.5801734700913
  • Longitude: 26.0172685869304

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