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Eräsaari lean-to

  • Eräsaari lean-to. Photo: AT

    Eräsaari lean-to. Photo: AT

Eräsaari lean-to

The Eräsaari Lean-to is in Hirvaa, on Iso Eräsaari Island in the Kemi River, around 18 km south of Rovaniemi. The log-built lean-to is on a small hill in the southern tip of the island. It features a campfire site with log benches, a woodshed, outhouse and waste bin. In the summer, you can access the island by boat. In the winter, you can try skiing or snowshoeing to the lean-to. The ski trail begins at the Hirvasoja Lean-to and continues on the ice of the Kemi River. Another ski trail comes from Muurola to the tip of the island.


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  • Latitude: 66.4020854704638
  • Longitude: 25.4083826474537

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