Stay safe In Lapland


The long-awaited English translation of the guide Stay Safe in Lapland (Turvallisesti Lapissa), which was drawn up by several authorities in collaboration, has now been published. In addition to the original Finnish and the English translation, the guide is also available in Russian.
The compact guide, which has been well received by tour operators and accommodation businesses, among others, contains vital safety information on Lapland for both residents and tourists.
The guide is free to use in the cabin or the hotel information folders of accommodation businesses or campsites, for example. It is also a useful resource on independent tourist trips.

You can freely print out the guide in A4 (letter-size) or A5 (half-letter) size or print it for business use. The guide was created in collaboration by the Multidimensional Tourism Institute, Liikenneturva, Lapland Rescue Department, Lapland Border Guard District and the police. 


Stay Safe in Lapland (pdf)