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  • Kielosaari plant and fungus trail

    The Kielosaari Plant and Fungus Trail is located in Vikajärvi, 20.8 km from Rovaniemi toward Sodankylä. It is part of the Arctic Circle hiking area, a wilderness destination ideal for year-round outdoor recreation. The signature features of the landscape are rugged hills, open water-logged string bogs, and Raudanjoki with its spectacular rapids and lush shoreline forest. The hiking area’s trail network is diverse and has several resting sites, offering visitors of all ages a variety of hiking destinations...
  • Koivusaari nature trail

    The Koivusaari Nature Trail is located 2.3 km from the city centre of Rovaniemi toward Sodankylä, on Koivusaari, or Koivu Island, in the Ounas River delta. It is a part of Rovaniemi’s city centre trail network. The Koivusaari Nature Trail is well suited for spring, summer and autumn excursions. The delta islands of the Ounas River are low sand islands and sandbanks that get flooded in the spring...
  • Korkalovaara nature trail

    The Korkalovaara Nature Trail is located around 3.6 km west of the city centre of Rovaniemi. Korkalovaara, or Korkalo Hill, is one of the hills surrounding the city, and it has been developed since the 1960s. The top of the northern side has been reserved for recreational use. The area features a tennis hall and a small ski slope and diverse ski trails...