Rovaniemen pesimälinnusto kartoitettu

Lapin yliopiston Arktisen keskuksen Luontoselvitys- ja YVA-palveluiden koordinoima Rovaniemen kaupunkilintuatlas -projekti päättyi elokuussa 2012. Hankkeen päätuotos, Rovaniemen pesimälinnusto -julkaisu on nyt saatavilla lintu- ja luontoharrastajien, ympäristöviranomaisten ja opetussektorin käyttöön.

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  • Harjulammen lintutorni

    Harjulampi is a eutrophic lake in the middle of the city. In 1967–1998, a total of 85 species were observed here. 32 of them nest at the pond regularly; 17 occasionally; and the remaining 36 species come there either to feed or rest during migration. The nesting species of the area include the great crested grebe, common redshank and little gull...
  • Koivusaaren lintutorni

    The Ounas River delta is an excellent spot for observing bird migration. Over 150 species have been spotted there. Many southern (e.g., northern shoveler, common rosefinch, little gull, garden warbler, Eurasian woodcock) and northern (e.g., smew, long-tailed duck, greater scaup, velvet scoter, temminck's stint) bird species can be seen in the area. Hundreds of waterfowl and dozens of swans feed at the delta in the fall...
  • Vianaavan lintutorni

    The surroundings of the Vianaapa Bird-Watching Tower form a diverse entity of forests, bogs and waters. In the forests, you can encounter old-forest species such as the Siberian jay, Siberian tit, western capercaillie, hazel grouse, Eurasian pygmy owl, three-toed woodpecker, Eurasian wren and Eurasian treecreeper. The Vianaapa bog and its edges are home to willow ptarmigans, cranes, short-eared owls, great grey shrikes, swans, geese, jack snipes and rustic buntings. White-throated dippers winter at the unfrozen sections of Raudanjoki...